Adopting Web 2.0 within the Enterprise

I was reading elsua’s blog post, “5 Key Steps towards Adopting Web 2.0 within the Enterprise” and the key point to take from the article is support. Elsua talks about different types of support, and different times when support will be needed – I think that is the crucial step, letting users feel comfortable in efficiently using new tools within their corporate boundaries.

At Atlassian, we develop enterprise wikis and one of the key questions we deal with is how do we get our users to adopt this new technology. It’s a difficult question to answer, but one that does have an answer – dependent on each organization.

However, the key is support. Show users what they can do with the new “2.0” tools, how they can do it, and why it’s valuable TO THEM to adopt the new tools.

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An Hour in San Francisco

I got up early this morning, hopped on the bike, and headed west through the park. During the 40 minute or so ride, I was amazed by all the activity so early in the morning.

Joggers, other bikers, a team chasing butterflies, a group exercising, soccer players, surfers, anglers, and coffee shop goers. Add in the waterfalls, ocean, windmill, and botanical gardens, and it’s quite a way to start the day.

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The New Pickup Line?

We were in a coffee shop earlier today and overheard the following:

“Hey, do you get wifi in here?”

And so it begins.

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Mobile blogging

This is a first.


In DC this week

I’m traveling to DC this week – actually, I’m already here. Atlassian is hosting our first User Group in Falls Church, VA. If you have time and are in the area today, please stop by!

I got up a bit early this morning and headed over to DC for some bright and early sight seeing. I’ve never been to our nation’s capital before so I wanted to make the most of the trip.

It was a short ride on the Metro from our hotel (in Arlington) to the DC area. From there I spent two hours walking around taking in various sights. I’ll post some pictures when I get them off the camera, but a quick story in the mean time:

I exited the Metro station and tried to get my bearings as quickly as possible. When I came up from the station, I was at roughly 14th and Pennsylvania. It must have been the crazy travel schedule as I walked past the White House without even realizing it was there. It’s pretty small, and naturally I am pretty tired. At the end of my two hour walk I headed over to the White House, only to realize it was where the Metro station was. Good times!

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Airport vs USPS

We just stood in line for over an hour in order to purchase tickets for a flight I’m taking later this week. Never mind that we had to get up first thing in the morning to take care of this but as we stood in line waiting for someone to recognize we needed help, I couldn’t help but think about the similarities between the airport terminal service today and the USPS difficulties in the previous decades.

Customers were being ignored; line help walked off in the middle of helping a customer; managers were running back and forth putting out fires.

Seems that customer patience is being tested more than ever, even before boarding the plane.

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Atlassian Acquires Authentisoft

We announced our acquisition of Authentisoft today, and we’re all really thrilled about welcoming Justen to the Atlassian team. We’ll be integrating Authentisoft’s IDX framework into the Atlassian solution set over the coming months (single sign-on!). Internally we’re really looking forward to how IDX will expand the ease of using our products, and our customers and Partner are even more excited.

I’ve sat down with Justen and talked to him about a few different things. He’s going to be a great fit and once he’s relocated to Sydney, I imagine the development and integration will really take off.

You can read the entire press release on our news blog or by clicking on the link to the right under my delicious feeds.

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