Forrester Reports – Interesting Results

I receive Forrester Research Alerts and enjoy reviewing them, especially when they are focused on enterprise software. Earlier this month, VentureBeat released information on Web 2.0 investments. While IT Consumer Services was highlighted, the IT Business Services section was interesting as well – investments in IT Business Services have grown 100% each year since 2003 with 2006 looking to surpass that growth number.

This morning I was reading through Forrester’s State of SMB Software and Services 2006: North America. The first line of the alert states:

Software spending among North American small and medium-size businesses (SMBs) will be robust in 2007…

The numbers in the VentureBeat Web 2.0 investment blog sees a strong finish for 2006 for IT Business Services and the Forrester report indicates a continuing positive trend in 2007 for SMB Software and Services in NA. Without drawing direct parallels, it’s great to see the SMB S&S market growing at the same time IT Business Services is doing the same.


One response to “Forrester Reports – Interesting Results

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