Ballmer in the Times

In this weekend’s Saturday Interview in the New York Times, Steve Ballmer talks about the future of Microsoft and life without Bill Gates. One interesting point that Ballmer addresses is the importance of a community:

Q. What do you see as the most significant changes in how people use software?

A. I think one pervasive change is the increasing importance of community. That will come in different forms, with different age groups of people and it will change as the technology evolves.

An interesting answer, as earlier he talks about reducing development cycle times, which I imagine he realizes is needed to keep up with the light software aspect that “2.0” embodies. Are we to expect Microsoft to actually live up to this?

A community moves forward and backward as they see fit, not as dictated by one member of the community. It’ll be interesting to see if and how Ballmer puts this into place.

– w


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